Roman Numerals On The Buildings

In our days, the Decimal system (base 10) are used in numbering and counting. But also Roman numerals are sometimes used for some purposes such as numbering clocks and book pages, distinguishing the monarchs with the same name and even identifying sporting events. You can also see Roman numbers on sides of some buildings, gravestones and monuments. These numerals show us the year of construction of the building.

Let’s see some examples of these buildings:

* There are the Lion sculpture and the lighthouse on the famous harbor entrance of Lindau, Bavaria, Germany. They are located on the eastern side of Lake Constance. The Lion Sculpture’s pedestal bears the Roman numerals MDCCCLVI, indicating the year it was built, 1856.

* The Colosseum or Coliseum of Rome is one of the most known historic monuments of the world. And it is under the protection of UNESCO as the World's Heritage Site. You can also see the Colosseum Entry Gate bearing the Roman numeral LII which is 52. 

* Chapel Street & Hope United Reformed Church in Salford, Manchester has an entrance indicating MDCCCXIX, the year it was erected, 1819.

* Bishop Cosin's Almshouses were built in 1666 in County Durham, England. It can be seen Latin inscription with the Roman Numerals, MDCLXVI in front of the building.

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