Roman Numerals on Sundials

Sundials are the oldest known devices for indicating the time of day. A sundial has a gnomon and a dial plate. As the Sun moves across the sky, the shadow of the object lines up with the markings on the dial. And the position of the shadow tells what time it is.

We are familiar to see Roman Numerals on wristwatches and clocks. In watchmaking, Roman numerals have been always used, notably on sundials.

If you're into sundials and clocks, you should see Italy's "sundial city" of Aiello del Friuli near Palmanova. 

Also, you must see the ancient Scottish sundials which are very unique and complicated. One of them is in the Grounds of Culzean Castle. There are also lots of sundials you can see in this beautiful country, such as Dunnottar Castle Sundial located in the Earl Marischal's suite in the ruins of Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven and the obelisk sundial at Cumbernauld House near to Cumbernauld Village, North Lanarkshire, Glasgow.

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